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So, there's a blizzard that just started to hit New York about half an hour ago. I went out to drop off some dry cleaning and pick up some lunch. When I left my apartment the first flurries had just begun. When I left the deli with my lunch it was snowing hard. When I finished eating the ground was totally covered. We're supposed to get at least a foot of snow in the city, possibly as much as 20 inches. There hasn't been a big snow in NYC since Presidents' Day of 2003. I went out and got all stocked up on food so I'll be fine for the rest of the weekend. No point in leaving if I don't have to.

The only thing I wish I had now is a big stockpot. Then I could make some soup. I have a bunch of canned soup in the cabinet, but it's never as good as when you make your own. I guess that's the next thing on my list of kitchen equipment to purchase.

You know, when you get married you get to register for all sorts of cool stuff for your house. A good portion of that stuff is kitchen-related. Maybe I should go and get married just so I can get all those nifty gifts. I don't have anyone to marry yet, but I suppose I could always mail-order a bride from somewhere. Because, you know, I could really use a nice stock pot. And a mixer. And a nice set of paking pans. And an ice-cream maker. And maybe one of those rice-cooker machines...
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