Jason (jaypro22) wrote,


So, much fun was had last night for Halloween.

First off, Meir came up from Philadelphia to hang out and see the NY Halloween scene. We went down to Luna Lounge to see Andrew's band play a great set, and were joined by Krikor, Robin, Taryn and her friend Cathy. After the show, (and much drinking,) we headed up the apartment, where we were joined by Rob & Liz, their friend Barry, his girlfriend, and his sister. Then Cathy's quasi-boyfriend Rick came by as well. Issues began to develop between Cathy, Taryn, Rick, and Meir, but all was calmed down eventually, with the help of additional beer. We broke out the party light and the vintage hip-hop music, and a good time was had by all.

Of course, the best part of the night were the costumes. Mostly they were half-ass last-minute creations. Meir bought a cheap hat, put a little paper that said "press" in the band, and went as a reporter. Krikor put on his Cobra shirt and went as a Cobra recruit. Robin actually put some effort in, and went as Shaun from Shaun of the Dead. And me, well, I got a little creative with a dishtowel and sunglasses. It's amazing I didn't get shot walking through the streets of NYC like that, but I survived.

Check it out:
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