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jaypro22's Journal

6 May
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This is your window into my life. It's not really a window as much as like watching a subway car zoom through the station. You can't really see all of what's going on, but you can make out periodic glimpses of action as the cars rush by. It's those snapshots of people you see through the windows as they flash by for just an instant that are the most thought-provoking. Who was that man in the black jacket standing there? Where is he off to this time of morning? Your mind starts asking more detailed questions about the faces that travel by. Soon, you find yourself creating elaborate lives for these faces you glimpse for a moment, never to see again. But sometimes, even though you may have barely had time to even see that person, their image stays imprinted in your memory. That's me there, riding the 1 & 9 train downtown to work. This is my story.