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Peanut Butter

It's safe to say that the majority of the American peanut butter market is shared between Skippy and Jif. While some of us may have brand preferences, how many of us have actually done an actual comparison of the two, including a taste test?

As I was making myself a late-night snack, I realized I was basically out of peanut butter. So, I ran around the corner, picked up a jar, and resumed the task at hand. I then realized that I had bought Skippy, but still had a little Jif leftover. Time for a taste test. On toast. One slice, half Jif, half Skippy. The results were intriguing.

The two brands, specifically, were Simply Jif and regular Skippy.
Nutrition: The two brands were nearly identical, with Jif containing slightly more fat but also slightly more protein. Interesting, as Simply Jif is supposed to be Jif's "healthier" version of peanut butter.

Ingredients: Jif contains mono- and di-glycerides, as well as molasses, none of which are present in Skippy. Skippy, however, contains more sugar than Jif (as judged by the order of the ingredients.)

Color: Skippy appeared more orangey, while Jif seemed to have more of a tan color.

Taste: Skippy was definitely sweeter than Jif. Jif also had a more natural taste. While Jif tasted almost exactly like roasted peanuts, Skippy was reminiscent of fresh peanuts in the shell. But not quite - it seemed just a little too sweet.

Conclusions: Despite it's slightly higher fat content and the presence of those *-glycerides, Simply Jif clearly wins the taste battle.
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