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I was watching 60 Minutes last night, and they aired a segment on Ray Charles. Much of the piece stressed Ray's ability to cope with blindness and live a normal life. According to one of his friends, I believe it was Quincy Jones, Ray had no trouble at all getting around "except when a beautiful woman was around. Then he was really blind, walking into walls and all." Obviously the implication was that Ray Charles would pretend to need help in order to gain the sympathy of the woman in question, with the intention of flirting with her. (Apparently Ray Charles was quite the ladies' man - he had 7 children with 5 different women.) What I found interesting was the notion that a blind man would be concerned about the physical attractiveness of a woman.

I always thought that, in a weird way, blind people are lucky as far as relationships go. Society puts so much pressure on physical attractiveness that we focus almost exclusively on looks as our initial criterion in starting a relationship. Personality traits, which are far more important for the longevity of the relationship, are only secondary criteria at best. A blind person, however, can't judge someone on their looks. They only have personality to go on. They might marry someone who's hideously ugly, but to them that person is beautiful because of who they are. And I'd bet that relationship lasts a lot longer than one based on looks.

Not that I'd want to be blind, but I think it's a pretty significant positive to what's usually considered a bleak situation.
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