Jason (jaypro22) wrote,


I think I'm getting sick. I'm not at that completely sick stage yet, just at that sore throat something is wrong stage. I spent most of today indoors trying to fight it off. Had plenty of soup, and then some weird fruit drink that claims to have 1000% of the daily recommended Vitamin C. It also claims that each bottle contains 2 pounds of fruit in juice form. Yum. Need I describe the thickness of this drink? Keep in mind, I really dislike thick drinks like smoothies. This was not a pleasant experience.

I did leave the apartment for a little while today. It was Open NYC and Andrew wanted to check out the Masonic Lodge on 23rd Street. Very interesting. Lots of impressive architecture and weird symbolism and all that. Now, I know that back in college I was in a fraternity and took all of it seriously back then and all. However, once I graduated, I realized that playing clubhouse with your buddies doesn't amount to all that much in the real world. Apparently some people didn't get the memo. On the other hand, 14 US Presidents were Masons, so maybe they're on to something here...
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