Jason (jaypro22) wrote,


Two of my good friends, who have known each other for many years, are finally dating. We've been saying to them that they should get together for as long as I've known them, but they always refused. Now, I find out, they finally caved and got together. About damn time. Of course, I didn't find out from them. It was another mutual friend who let me in on it. He, however, didn't know about certain events that took place earlier this year which involved me and one of said friends. Thus, the reason why they hadn't told me. Admittedly, I'd pretty much figured it out already, but now I have conclusive proof of what's going on. Further, I don't see why they wouldn't want to tell me either. It's not like I'd be even the slightest bit mad or upset at all. In fact, the opposite - I'm really genuinely happy for the two of them. Usually when I'm single and I find out about happy couples, the schadenfreude immediately kicks in. But not this time. Good for them.
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